Obama Slams Trump for Leaving Paris Climate Agreement

About eighteen months prior, global leaders convened in Paris to form a historic pact aimed at steering the planet towards a sustainable, low-carbon future, a commitment designed to safeguard the environment for future generations.

This milestone was achieved through the persistent and principled efforts of American leadership on the global stage, which also inspired numerous other countries to elevate their ambitions. This leadership was bolstered by the United States’ private innovation and substantial public investments in burgeoning sectors like wind and solar power. These industries not only generated some of the quickest-growing new job opportunities but also contributed to the longest streak of job creation in American history.

In essence, the private sector had already opted for a low-carbon future. For countries that embraced this direction, the Paris Agreement catalyzed a wave of business, scientific, and technological innovations, sparking an era of high-tech, sustainable investment like never before.

Those nations that remain committed to the Paris Agreement stand to benefit immensely in terms of job creation and industrial growth. I firmly believe that the United States should be leading this pack. Despite the current administration’s decision to step back, I remain optimistic that our states, cities, and businesses will rise to the challenge, assuming a greater leadership role and ensuring that we do our part to protect the only planet we have.


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